Former soldier Shaun Clark has turned himself into a living tribute by having the names of the 383 servicemen and woman killed in Afghanistan tattooed on his body.

Clark, 45, started tattooing the names in 2009 and has added new names each year on Remembrance Day, beginning exactly at 11am.

This year there were 40 names added to his body, which were tattooed to his leg.

Mr Clark, who was in the Light Infantry, said: "I have friends who have served in Afghanistan. I wanted to keep what is going on over there in people's minds."

So far the father-of-two from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, has managed to raise more than £4,500 for the Help for Heroes charity through sponsorship.

In 2009, he had more than 300 names tattooed on his body. The procedure took more than five sessions to complete.

"Sadly, the number just keeps going up and so I know I will be having more names added on 11 Nov, 2012," Clark said.

"I have made contingency plans in case I run out of space on my body. If the deaths keep rising, my son Peter will take over from me."