Pilot Yves Rossy - also known as 'Jetman' - flew alongside a Boeing B-17 bomber on Tuesday (July 30), in his first ever display at a public event in the United States.

Hundreds of people flocked to the public display at the EAA AirVenture event in Oshkosh ,Wisconsin to watch the Swiss daredevil as he rocketed through the sky next to the aircraft.

Rossy who spent many years as both a fighter pilot and an airline captain said he hopes his passion - to fly like a bird using jet power - was an inspiration to others.

"I hope I touch people because that is one of the most common dream. Everyone has once dreamed to fly like a bird and I am between human and bird. Just physiology human with fixed wing so, yeah, I think it inspires a lot of people," Rossy said.

To date, Rossy has flown over Rio de Janeiro, crossed the English Channel, flown with Breitling Wingwalker Stearmans and the Breitling Jet Team's L-39c Albatros aircraft.

After weaving around the four-engine heavy bomber aircraft in the skies above Wisconsin in his own jet-powered wings he said it is now added to his list of most memorable experiences.

"And also today that's the Super Bowl of aviation here -- thousands of people, thousands of airplanes, thousands of passionate aviators. As an aviator it's like, yeah, to be at the Super Bowl," Rossy stated.

After many years of developing and testing designs, his first successful flight was back in 2006, when he flew for over 5 minutes in Bex in his home country of Switzerland.

"What I try is really to share, to inspire younger people to say, Ay it looks completely impossible what I am doing today, but through perseverance, through holding tight to my dream, yeah, I did success. So that's perhaps what I can say to younger generations -- hold on tight to your dreams, try, you have nothing to lose to try," Rossy said.

Rossy's future plans include training a fellow 'Jetman' to fly with him, but his ultimate goal is to share his design with everyone.

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