Olympic villages are designed to be places where athletes get some rest and relaxation before their next event – until boredom sets in, that is.

Swiss skier Fabian Bosch pulled off an impressive gymnastic feat as he ascended a moving stairway using just one hand yesterday (February 13). The footage shows him dangling with incredible upper-body strength as the escalator's railing brought him effortlessly to the top.

He wrote: "After 20 years I still couldn't figure out how these things work! Am I doing it right?"

So far his stunt has received 380,000 plays from amazed viewers.

The 21-year-old skier is part of the Swiss Olympic team and is set to compete in the sloplestyle race later this week. Bosch, an Olympic first-timer, has previously won gold at the X-Games and will be hoping to add to his tally with a medal at Pyeongchang 2018.

Bosch is clearly used to daredevil antics as a slopestyle skier, an event that requires participants to pull off audacious flips and trick to score points from judges. Further illustrating his showboat tendencies, he climbed on top of Olympic rings outside the athletes' village earlier this week.

Let's hope he saves his best for last when qualifying for the slopestyle event gets underway on Sunday.