Hours after the UN brokered cease fire was agreed between pro Assad troops and rebels, activists in Syria have reported several violations of the cease fire, with reports of continued pockets of fighting in Idlib,Hama and Homs.

Unverified amateur video,which is undated, has been released online, which appears to show heavy fighting and explosions across different neighbourhoods in the central city of Homs, and in other locations.

One video allegedly showed heavy fighting in Jouret al-Shayah neighbourhood of Homs on Wednesday.

While another video showed a burning building which according to a voiceover accompanying the video was Muhathab Rajoub mall in the Jouret al-Shayah neighbourhood of Homs.

A separate video claimed to show tanks entering the Qarabees neighbourhood of Homs.

Meanwhile one Syrian refugee Haji Suleyman who is in a Turkish refugee camp was doubtful about the regime sticking to the ceasefire

"Kofi Annan might have talked to them to stop the killings but I'm sure that they won't stop. The ceasefire won't take place. Daily shootings and conflicts will continue. They must have hidden their tanks somewhere in the fields that's all."

Pledging compliance with the truce, the Syrian government assured Mr Annan that it would halt its military operations while reserving the right to respond to any attacks by what it called "armed terrorist groups".While The Free Syrian Army - the main force of opposition fighters - says it is committed to the ceasefire but has demanded the withdrawal of government forces within the next 48 hours.