Kenya is in mourning after a helicopter crash close to the capital's left 6 people dead, including two of its government ministers, as the country prepares for forthcoming elections.

This is the horrific burnt-out debris left behind after a police chopper crashed into a forest near Nairobi in the early hours of Sunday. On board, Kenya's minister for Internal Security, George Saitoti (here on the left) and his deputy, Orwa Ojode. The minister's two bodyguards and the two pilots also died. Some eyewitnesses described seeing the helicopter swaying in the air as it tried to land and then hearing a loud boom.

Saitoti was well-known for leading the fight against the Somali militants, al Shabaab. He showed compassion for people injured in attacks by the terrorist group, here visiting a hospital. He had an uncompromising stance on the militants, here talking about how his government 'would not tire of al Shabaab' until they finished them, blaming the group for ruining Somalia and trying to ruin Kenya's economy.

In light of the tragic news, other candidates in the presidential race cancelled their election campaign rallies. There's no indication of what caused the crash but a full investigation is now underway.

Written and Presented by Marverine Cole.