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Five members of the female feminist group Femen staged a topless protest outside the Olympic Stadium in Kiev ahead of tonight's Euro 2012 draw.

The bare-breasted protest were against what they say are attempts to legalise prostitution during the 2012 European Championship held in Ukraine and Poland.

The woman, who only wore briefs and stockings during the protest, help up sexually explicit placards condemning Europe's football's governing body, Uefa.

"Femen demands UEFA starts an education campaign for fans about the unacceptability of sex tourism and financing the sex industry," the group said on its website.

"Today we want football fans and (UEFA President) Michel Platini to forget about playing with their balls because we must be aware of Ukraine's social problems and the fact that Ukraine will become a Euro-brothel," said group leader 22-year-old Olexandra Shevchenko.

The group have accused Uefa of trying to persuade the Ukrainian government to legalise prostitution when it is held in July next year.

Police arrived at the stadium within five minutes of the protest starting and dragged the woman into police vehicles and drove away.

Femen has established an international reputation for staging semi-naked protests in Ukraine and abroad.

Euro 2012 begins in Warsaw on June 8 with the final in Kiev on July 1.