UK’s Top 10 Reality Shows in 2011
Television reality show "Dancing with the Stars" winners J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff pose with the mirror ball trophy in Los Angeles in this publicity photograph released to Reuters on November 22, 2011. Reuters

A new study has suggested that reality shows like "American Idol", "Survivor" and "The X-Factor" are among the television shows that most influence teenagers. Several such shows made it big in 2011 and many of the participants became household names.

Check out the ten most popular reality shows on British television...

10. The Voice

"The Voice" is a music-based show produced by John De Mol. The difference between this and shows on the same subject is that the judges are only allowed to hear the participants sing during auditions. After the audition, each judge is given a group of singers, who will then compete with each other to win the competition.

9. Dancing with the Stars

The globally popular "Dancing with the Stars" sees contestants paired with celebrities - actors, supermodels, singers, etc.

8. The Celebrity Apprentice

The show "The Celebrity Apprentice" sees celebrities made to work, at normal everyday jobs, as an apprentice or trainee. They compete with each other for the grand prize, which they will then donate to charity.

7. X Factor

"The X-Factor" is a hugely popular music-based reality show that is open to absolutely anyone, making it a very different proposition from most other shows.

6. American Idol

"American Idol" is another music-based reality show. This one, however, is modeled on British television's "Pop Idol" and is produced by Simon Fuller.

5. Big Brother

"Big Brother" is a game show in which a group of contestants live in an isolated house monitored round-the-clock by hidden cameras. The contestants are given several tasks to be performed and, at every stage, one contestant is eliminated, on the basis of popular votes.

4. Survivor

"Survivor" is a reality game show in which a group of contestants are sent to live on a deserted island. They are divided into two or four groups, each of which competes till only one contestant remains on the island.

3. Jersey Shore

The show has a group of contestants spending their summers at the Jersey shore. "Jersey Shore" is broadcast on MTV.

2. Top Chef

The only cooking competition in the list, "Top Chef" sets contestants a variety of culinary challenges. They are expected to make as unique a dish as possible in one hour or less.

1. So You Think You Can Dance

A British television special "So You Think You Can Dance" features judges travelling across the country, searching for the next big dancing sensation.