Robin van Persie
Arsenal's van Persie was disappointed with the substitution, but says he can understand it in hindsight. REUTERS

Robin van Persie has released a statement on his Facebook page in reaction to his on-pitch criticism of Arsene Wenger on Sunday, with the Arsenal striker insisting there are no problems between the two.

Van Persie was clearly shown on television screaming in protest when Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came off the pitch to be replaced by Andrey Arshavin in the 74<sup>th minute on Sunday. Many pundits argued that it was a turning point in the game, and subsequently Manchester United won the match 2-1 after a goal in the 81<sup>st minute by Danny Welbeck.

But after Wenger insisted he didn't need to explain his decision to sub the 18-year-old, van Persie has backed his manager and insisted that Arsenal have a lot to look forward to this season despite their loss to United.

"Let me start by putting the record straight," he wrote on his official Facebook account. "I was not having a go at the boss on Sunday. I was just sad to see Alex leave the pitch as he just gave the assist for our only goal.

"I was not questioning his judgment. I know it's not my place to challenge what Arsene Wenger does. He is the boss, he makes the decisions and that's it, end of story. I have worked with the boss long enough to know there's always a good reason behind his decisions, and there was again on Sunday. When Arsene makes a decision, it is based on a lot of information that everyone else might not know about and he will never betray. I admire him so much for that.

"As he said after the game, he doesn't have to explain his substitutions to anyone. He was right to remind everyone that he has been in the job 30 years and made 50,000 substitutions, why on earth should he have to justify each and every one of them?

"He has all the information, he knows when a player is carrying a small injury, or has been ill, or is tiring. Arsene's remarkable success in the game is proof enough that his decisions are made from knowledge and experience. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had a calf injury. We did not know that but the boss did and brought Andrey Arshavin on.

"I have a lot of respect and admiration for Arsene Wenger. He is one of the best football coaches in the world, with a brilliant record of success here at Arsenal. I wouldn't be here or the player I am without him. The manager and I are fine and my relationship with the club is good.

"I don't want anyone misunderstanding the situation here for a moment.There is no problem, there is no conflict and there is no controversy. The boss knows that, I know that, the players all know that. But it's important the Arsenal fans know that and that people in the game know that."

Van Persie also insisted that Arsenal are still in the running to end their trophyless run this season, with the side still in the Champions League and FA Cup.

"We are not giving up on a top-four finish, no way. Losing to Manchester United was a setback, but it is not a knockout blow," he explained.

"The way this season is going I think it's pretty safe to say there will be a lot more surprises before the Premier League season is over. There's plenty of games still left, we have recovered from reverses like this before and we will win again. So anybody writing us off is making a mistake.

"This could still be a good season for us. We have the FA Cup to look forward to and the Champions League. We will all be giving 100 per cent to make sure we bring one of those trophies home, hopefully both of them.

"Let's all stick together and fight."

Oxlade-Chamberlain has been an emerging talent for Arsenal this season, after signing with the club from Championship side Southampton in the summer for £15 million.

The 18-year-old has made just nine appearances for the north London side so far, but his performances have shown plenty of promise.