A series of attacks across Iraq killed at least 32 people on Tuesday (September 17), police and medical sources said.

In the capital, a series of car bombs exploded in Shi'ite neighbourhoods in southern and eastern districts, killing at least 15 people, police and medical sources said.

It was not immediately clear who carried out the attacks, but Sunni militants who view Shi'ites as non-believers have been stepping up their insurgency and striking with a ferocity not seen in years.

In one of the attacks two car bombs hit the Shi'ite neighbourhood of Zafaraniya in south-eastern part of the capital, killing seven people and wounding 31 others.

A third car bomb exploded at the commercial area of Bataween in downtown Baghdad, killing two people and wounding eight others; a fourth car exploded in Al-nasr square in Baghdad's Al-Sadoun street killing three civilians and wounding 13 others.

However, the deadliest attack took place in the predominantly Sunni Muslim city of Fallujah in western Iraq, where three suicide bombers attacked a police station killing at least eight people, police said.

Sunni Muslim insurgents, including those affiliated to al Qaeda, have significantly increased their attacks since the beginning of the year, killing more than 800 people in August alone, according to the United Nations.

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