West Ham manager Sam Allardyce believes that West Ham's playoff final against Blackpool will be more important than Chelsea's Champions League final, with the side looking at a £40m profit if they are promoted to the Premier League.

Allardyce is currently preparing for one of the biggest games of his managerial career, with the Hammers facing Blackpool in a one-off match that will can offer financial success as well as bringing the club back into the prestigious Premier League.

And even though the game takes place on the same day as Chelsea's match-up with Bayern Munich, Allardyce believes that for the sake of West Ham and Blackpool's short and long term futures, tomorrow is of the upmost importance.

"I think it means more to both clubs and their livelihoods," he told the BBC. "The Champions League is massive, but it's a cup competition.

"This is 11 months of hard work and planning to make sure we have a brilliant season, not a disappointing one. That makes it much bigger."

Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce is hoping the West Ham squad understand the importance of tomorrow's match.

The thought of losing the play-off final is one that Allardyce isn't wanting to consider, with West Ham desperate to make their birth in the Championship last only one season.

"Every football club, year-in, year-out, has to cut its cloth accordingly," he explained.

"It has to look at what its income streams are and adjust to what they will be.

"[Co-chairmen] David Gold and David Sullivan have put their hands in their pockets and whether they can sustain it if we don't go up is another matter.

"I hope that's not what we're thinking about on Saturday night."

Allardyce is hoping to tap into the success he had with Bolton in the 2001 Championship season, where he took the side to win the play-off final, with West Ham as they get ready for the high pressure match.

The Englishman recalled: "It feels like it was almost yesterday. It was such a pleasure to achieve the ultimate goal and manage in the top league in the world and test my skills.

"I want to feel that feeling again if I can. It's why I came here.

"We missed out on automatic promotion but to do it this way, as hard as it is, would give great satisfaction."