Since the internet's invention, many people have described Bitcoin as the second-most essential invention. For more than 25 years, innovators and cryptographers have focused on creating a secure and decentralized digital currency. However, none of their attempts have succeeded until the discovery of Bitcoin.

Why So Many People Want to Use
Why So Many People Want to Use Bitcoin Pixabay

This virtual currency comes with several benefits. And this explains why many people want to pay with Bitcoin. Here are the key reasons why almost everybody wants to own and use Bitcoin in daily transactions.

Permission-less Nature of Bitcoin

To use fiat money, you need permission from financial institutions, banks, and governments. However, Bitcoin is different from traditional currencies. Ideally, you don't need permission from anybody to use Bitcoin. That's because this virtual currency is open and accessible for anybody to spend globally. This digital currency doesn't have limits or borders.

Bitcoin is Seizure-Immune

When you own fiat money, the government can seize it. On the other hand, no company or central bank can confiscate Bitcoin. That's because you own this virtual currency once you earn it. Thus, you can be the bank of your Bitcoin.

Censorship Resistance

Bitcoin uses proof-of-work. And this is a computational algorithm that ensures that nobody can censor or block your Bitcoin transactions.


The Bitcoin network is decentralized or distributed worldwide among thousands of computers called nodes. Millions of people use this virtual currency globally. Since Bitcoin is decentralized, users don't depend on trusted third parties to use it. The supply of this cryptocurrency is limited. Miners can generate 21 million Bitcoins only. What's more, their generation rate is predictable. Therefore, Bitcoin is deflationary and scarce.

Open-Source Technology

Bitcoin uses open-source technology. That means everybody can contribute to its development in different ways. For instance, some people specialize in the creation of Bitcoin software for clients. Others create content about Bitcoin.

Easy to Access and Use

Many people use platforms like bitcoin code to purchase this cryptocurrency. Such crypto exchanges enable people to buy Bitcoin using fiat currency. What's more, you can use them to sell your Bitcoin and get fiat money. As such, these platforms enable you to access Bitcoin with ease and from any location.

And because Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency, its transactions are almost instant. Additionally, Bitcoin transactions are low-cost and work better than centralized payment networks like MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal.

Real Money

People use Bitcoin to pay for travel, food, electronics, coffee, and more. The acceptance of this virtual currency across the globe means it is real money. Some people even refer to Bitcoin as internet money. That's because of the fantastic properties of this cryptocurrency. What's more, you can't double-spend Bitcoin.

Push System

Once a person sends another user their Bitcoin, they can't reverse the transaction. And this eliminates the charge-backs risk that comes with fiat money. This virtual currency is akin to fiat money. Once you send somebody cash, you can't get it back.


Using Bitcoin enables you to avoid government agencies that could be spying on you. That's because you don't provide your name, email, social security number, or any personally identifying information. You conduct peer-to-peer transactions with Bitcoin using numbers that operate online.


Using Bitcoin comes with more freedom. That's because you can transact globally and enjoy all benefits of using this virtual currency. This digital currency brings newfound freedoms and economic stability.


Bitcoin uses blockchain technology that records and avails information about every transaction to the users. However, people can't access the personal data of users.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin is an innovation that everybody wants to enjoy. As long as people can access the internet, they can access and use this virtual currency anytime and anywhere.