The leaders of the world are meeting today in Rio de Janeiro for a monumental three day summit seeking to tackle climate change.

Labelled Rio+20, the United Nations meeting comes 20 years after Rio held the Earth Summit in 1992.

Environment ministers from across the globe have already spent the past week thrashing out a proposal that is now set to be approved by the 120 heads of state and government who will descend on the Brazilian city.

But environmental organisations have been left dismayed by the draft agreement, which they say contains no timetables, or ways to monitor new sustainable development goals.

Daniel Mittler, political director of Greenpeace, stated that the final documents only reaffirmed commitments nations had previously made.

"Any progress that you hear about in press conferences, is about progress to water down the text to avoid commitment. In reality governments are here to do nothing and to commit to nothing."

It is doubtful that major changes will be made to the proposal, but Non-governmental organisations remain hopeful that the agreement will be strengthened.

Written and narrated by Alfred Joyner