Occupy moving out of St Paul's
Occupy supporters begin to dismantle encampment from outside St Paul's Cathedral after losing appeal against eviction (Reuters)

Occupy London protesters may defy a court order telling them to leave the St Paul's encampment, after they lost the right to appeal against an eviction.

At a general assembly meeting of the camp's protesters, it was decided that individuals should make their own decisions about whether to move on or stay put.

"As a movement, Occupy believes in the ability of individuals to make sound choices," spokesman Ronan McNern said.

"When the resident tents leave is a matter for the individual occupiers."

He added that a document detailing the potential consequences of staying at the camp has been distributed to those still living there.

Some occupiers left after a judge ruled they had no grounds to appeal on 22 February. Others will move to the Occupy London camp at Finsbury Square.

It is not known exactly when the City of London Corporation will enforce its eviction order, issued by the high court on 18 January. No specific information about eviction has been passed to the camp.

The corporation said it hoped those at the camp would go "voluntarily".

Occupy London has insisted its work will continue. It moved on to the land at St Paul's in October.