Some 70 rebel Tory MPs opposed to the reform of the House of Lords have signed an open letter calling for the bill to be put under 'full and unrestricted scrutiny' saying it will add to constitutional pressures 'on top of the economic crisis'.

There'll be two days of debate around the government's planned shake-up of the way things are done, who gets a peerage and why. The coalition wants to cut the size of the second Parliamentary chamber pretty much in half, make 80% of the members elected - with half the number of bishops – restrict the term of those who are elected to a maximum of 15 years. Swingeing changes indeed, for those who've enjoyed countless years of privilege.

The Labour Party appears to back the sentiments of the disgruntled Tory rebels saying the debate needs much more than the 10 days the government's outlined to discuss the issue. Conservative ministerial aides – on the other hand - will be forced to resign if they vote against the government. Voting happens on Tuesday afternoon after the debate.

Written & Presented by Marverine Cole