An horrific ordeal for nine miners trapped underground in Peru is finally over. Their families almost gave up hope but today the men saw daylight for the first time in almost a week as well as the rescue workers who freed them.

The makeshift copper-and-gold mine partially collapsed last Thursday with the men penned in 200 meters down under tons of rubble in Cabeza de Negro in Quillque. Luckily for them emergency crews were able to use a giant hose - which was already in place before the accident - to send oxygen and liquids down to the men and keep them alive.

The fact that a near tragedy has been averted has prompted Peruvian President Ollanta Huala to order a tightening of the law. He told news crews he will formalise much of the informal mining sector which use abandoned works to generates an estimated $2 billion a year. He's urged firms to register workers, and improve health and safety for those they employ.

Families hope that will put an end to the practice where poor people are under such financial pressures they feel they need to work in dangerous conditions to earn very little in a bid to feed their families.