A childhood video of Prince William and Prince Harry, playing the piano while their parents look on, has been placed on YouTube.

The video was found in the Royal archives and is believed to have been shot back in 1985. It shows Prince William (who was only three years old then) and Prince Harry (still a toddler); the former is playing the piano, much to the delight of his younger brother.

The antics of the two children are watched by a proud Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Halfway through the video, the child in Charles comes to the fore, as he holds up Harry and makes funny faces at his children. At one point, William even helps his mother re-do her make-up, lovingly dabbing at her face with a powder pad.

The video offers a rare glimpse of life away from the harsh glare of the public spotlight for the Royal family and a precious glimpse of the William and Harry with their late mother.

Check out the princes at play.