Alexandra Burke
Alexandra Burke is making her new album a family affair by duetting with her mother Reuters

Alexandra Burke will record a duet with her mother for her latest studio album.

The 23-year-old former X Factor winner said she has teamed up with her mum, Soul II Soul star Melissa Bell, for the song.

Burke told the Daily Star: "She is a big influence. She does backing vocals on [the album] already. Now I want a duet with her."

Despite her enthusing about their collaboration Burke admitted that she was wary of pushing her mum, who suffers from kidney disease, too hard.

"I have to be careful because my mummy's not too well. She can't get up and sing as much as I want her to. But I'd like her on a track. It's not finished until she's on it," she said.

Burke said the album, heavily inspired by her mum, includes a lot of dancefloor tracks.

She said: "Mum's record collection was a big influence. We wanted anthem songs to smack it with the up-tempo. It's got 90s pop style like Soul II Soul and a Donna Summer, Robin S vibe.

"It's a singer's album. You have to have a serious voice to scream out these big choruses."