Tributes have been paid to three Britons who have all now been named , John Taylor and Steve Barber, both from York and Roger Payne who is known one of the UK's most respected climbers. The three men were among the nine people who were killed in an avalanche near the French ski resort Chamonix. The other as yet unnamed climbers were reported to be from Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

The climbers were part of an experienced 28-person group who were attempting to reach the summit of Mont Blanc by cutting across the slopes of Mont Maudit, where the avalanche struck. Police have said the other four climbers reported missing have now been accounted for, and the climbers bodies recovered are in this local hospital.

This local resident speaking in french spoke of the tragedy and how local people are wary of climbing of the mountains which are known to be avalanche 'blackspots'.She said

"It's very difficult and it's very difficult for the entire local population because even the persons who love Chamonix, but don't necessarily go a lot up in the mountains are very touched every time there's an accident, because in our proximity we'll most likely know someone who's touched by this drama and often it is catastrophes that produce themselves just in front of us

The British Ambassador to France Sir Peter Ricketts visited the region to lend support and was asked what he thought of the incident.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter