Time seems to be running out for Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas, after overseeing his side's seventh league defeat of the season, at the hands of West Bromwich Albion.

The Blues have had a miserable run of form in recent months and Villas-Boas, 34, who earlier admitted he had no idea of his future at Chelsea, now says, according to a report in The Sun, he does not deserve the support of the club's owner, Roman Abramovich, based on recent results.

The Portuguese manager, whose defeat on Saturday was the first time Chelsea have ever lost a Premier League game to West Brom, may well have his last chance on Tuesday, when the club travels to Birmingham for the replay of a fifth round FA Cup game.

"I don't think the club needs to back me. We just need to get on with our jobs and everyone has to be better, the players and management staff, everyone. For us to demand to be backed we have to improve. It's not for the owner to come and back us when things go like this," The Guardian quoted Villas-Boas as saying.

"Every defeat that Chelsea suffers piles more pressure on any manager. Any manager who suffers a defeat at a top club has more pressure on them. It's acceptable that pressure piles. You have to agree that this result puts more pressure on me. We stick to the same position, fifth, but we are now three points behind fourth," he added.

Also, in the wake of their most recent defeat, Villas-Boas also said West Brom were far better than Chelsea in every department.

"West Brom showed their class today. They were far, far superior - when you play a team as motivated as them you must do better. West Brom had an extra gear. We were motivated because we were fifth in the league but they were superior," The Sun quoted Villas-Boas as saying.

The troubled manager was also quick to point out he was not "worried about the future" and his only concern was to see that his side wins games.

Only time will decide what Villas-Boas' future will be... however, it does not bode well that Chelsea have only managed three wins in their last 12 league games.