kim sears
Kim Sears watches Andy Murray get knocked out of Wimbledon. Getty Images

Andy Murray was heard swearing during the Wimbledon quarter-finals against Grigor Dimitrov, sparking rumours an argument before the match contributed to the defending champion's exit from the competition.

The tennis star was seen shouting "shut the f**k up" and "five minutes before the f*****g match" at the players' box, where his girlfriend Kim Sears, mum Judy Murray and coach Amélie Mauresmo were sitting.

He first shouted at the box early on in the game and made the remark about the start of the match when he was down in the third set, suggesting there was an incident before the game that had thrown the world number five off.

Dimitrov also noted that Murray had seemed distracted during the match, claiming he "sensed" something was wrong before they began play: "As soon as we started to warm up, I sensed that his game was not at the highest level," he said.

The tennis star's spokesman Matt Gentry said Murray often swears on court and that he was just "off his game".

However, according to the Telegraph, Sears was spotted looking upset after the match and left Wimbledon alone. Murray left shortly after his post-match interview without changing out of his tennis gear.