Angelina Jolie the Oscar winning actress and UN envoy for refugees met British Foreign Secretary William Hague in London, as she backed a new government campaign to fight sexual violence in conflict zones.

As Jolie entered the foreign office first, followed by Mr Hague, accompanied by loud clapping.

William Hague said he was shocked by the scale of sexual violence against men, woman and children in situations of conflict and repression

He then confirmed Britain's commitment to helping survivors of sexual violence in conflicts

It was then Angelina Jolie's turn to take to the stage. She is in town to promote her film 'In the land of Blood and Honey' about the Bosnian conflict.

William Hague said Britain would set up a team including expert lawyers, forensic scientists, campaigners and doctors who would be able to gather evidence of sexual crimes in war zones and help educate national and international bodies on the issue.

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Written and Presented by Ann Salter