Arsene Wenger has refused to comment on a timeline regarding the extension of his contract at Arsenal.

The Frenchman, whose current tenure ends in 2014, has been offered a lucrative extension on his £7.5m a year contract but the 64-year-old believes that it is not the right time to think about it.

The Gunners are currently top of the league, four points clear of second placed Liverpool and are looking good to post their first concerted title challenge in over six years. Wenger has been key to their transformation, bringing in Mesut Ozil for £42.5m this summer which has lifted the team no end.

However, the current level of optimism was not apparent earlier this season when the Gunners lost their first game to Aston Villa at the Emirates. Many supporters were rooting for Wenger's head but their minds have changed following Arsenal's revival, in a period when they have lost only one game, away to Manchester United.

The current Arsenal team are playing with a vibrancy that has not been on show since the time of the invincibles and should they continue their form it is likely that Wenger will relent and make himself available to lead the side beyond 2014.

"Why? Do you treat that as a present? I said many times, that people don't need to question my commitment to this club. I can just reiterate what I said at the start of the season - I want to feel that I do well, and focus on that. I am relaxed about the situation. What is important is that the players have the support, to focus on the target which is to do well in every single game," Wenger said.

"I have been here for 17 years, and I just want to make sure that I deliver to this club what the club is expecting. I decided that at the start of the season because we had a very difficult start, and I want to continue that and do a good job and focus on that. My commitment is not a problem to this club," he added.