Lukas Podolski has praised incoming Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil as the Germany international makes his move from Real Madrid to north London this week.

A massive deadline day signing for the Gunners, Ozil tripled their transfer record and has brought with him a wave of positivity from fans who were desperate to see Arsene Wenger sign a big name in the summer transfer window.

Ozil will join up with the Arsenal squad after the international break and Podolski can't wait to be linking up with one of his country's best in a Gunners shirt.

"I've known Mesut for a long time now," he told reporters. "I love to play with him and I think he loves to play with me. We complement each other quite well.

"This is a super transfer for us. Arsenal are getting a fantastic footballer. I believe that he is a perfect fit for our understanding of football. We make a lot of quick passes -- play football just the way he needs it to be played. I am positive that he will help us."

Arsenal's signing of Ozil was just the boost that the club's supporters needed to top of a successful weekend in which the side defeated bitter rivals Tottenham 1-0.

But Wenger was unable to sign a striker before deadline day came to a close after being rebuffed in his pursuit of Chelsea's Demba Ba and as a result will likely be thin up front with Podolski suffering an injury that will put him out of action for three months.

"Depending on how the healing process goes, I will be out for about three months," he explained. "I love football so, of course, I am impatient. It is difficult for me when I am not able to play for a longer period of time, but I can't do anything about it.

"I have to take the things as they are and try and make the best of the situation. The timing is really frustrating, but it could have been worse and I could have injured myself directly before the World Cup."