Baby Supermodel: Nine-Month Harper Beckham Offered Modelling Contract
New-born Harper Beckham, daughter of David and Victoria Beckham. david beckham/facebook

"Will she accept or won't she?" This is the question that the modelling world is speculating on after learning about the new modelling contract offered to nine-month-old daughter of David and Victoria Beckham, Harper Seven Beckham.

Harper has been offered what is referred to as her "first modelling job" by personalised baby gift company A letter sent by the clothing company, which sells personalised fashionable baby gifts for toddlers, asks Harper to follow in the paths of her fashionable parents and become the new face of their brand.

Born on 10 July, 2011, Harper Seven Beckham is undoubtedly one of the famous celebrity kids and has been in the public eye since she was born. She has been photographed all around town with her mother in an array of super chic, ultra-feminine outfits by high-end designer stores. reported that the clothing label,, wrote an elaborate letter to Harper regarding the modelling offer. It reads: "We are delighted to inform you that the UK's leading manufacturer of personalised baby gifts,, would like to invite you to become the face of our new range."

"Both your parents are fashion icons, and we can see no reason why you shouldn't start your own career in the fashion industry even at your young age," the letter further reads. "From what we have seen of you since your first public appearance less than a year ago, we know you have implacable style and taste. You were therefore the immediate first choice for our campaign."

The letter goes on to talk about the payment details:"Due to child labour laws we cannot negotiate a contract or salary directly with you, that is why your mummy and daddy have been copied in on this letter. We are happy to speak with them about your fee; however, we are prepared to pay you a significant amount to be the face of our new range."

It is true that many child models work with fashion brands across the globe on various campaigns. If Harper agrees to go ahead with the new offer, she would definitely be one of the youngest models to date.