Protestors have demonstrated outside the opening giant Barbie dolls house in Berlin, saying that the world's most famous blonde is a sexist icon.

Hundreds of visitors turned up on the first day to the almost entirely pink dream house, where they can wander about the various rooms, interact with exhibits and even try on clothes. The city's latest tourist attraction has sparked protests from feminists saying that gender stereotypes are being forced on children at a young age and that they are being manipulated for financial gain.

Protestor Stevie Meriel Schmeidel said,

"Most girls today want to become a top model and that's a big problem. Most people on social welfare are women. A lot of times, women don't enter professions with job security."

The Barbie dreamhouse is the first to open in Europe, after another one recently opened in Florida. It will remain in the German capital until August before going on tour around Europe.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner