Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that he is set to marry his Brazilian girlfriend of two years, Fabiana Flosi.

The 82-year-old racing tycoon will make the trip down the aisle for the third time after proposing to lawyer Flosi, who is 41 years his junior.

Despite vowing that he would remain single for the rest of his life following his acrimonious divorce from Slavica, his wife of 24 years, the billionaire has decided to take the plunge once again.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about his impending wedding, the wealthy businessman said: "We are officially engaged - and it is not going to be a long engagement either."

The couple met in 2009 at the Brazilian Grand Prix, where Fabiana was Formula One's vice president of marketing.

Ecclestone reportedly proved how head over heels he was by gifting the 5ft 10in beauty a marquise cut diamond engagement ring that cost around £100,000.

"We have been together for two years and what makes it work is that Fabiana has a really good sense of humour - and when you live with me you need to have a sense of humour.

"Though I must say I am absolutely no trouble at home and I think she is lucky to have me."

Ecclestone is not the only man to have a preference for younger women as he gets older.

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