Bonnie and Clyde were together until the bitter end, and their guns will continue to stay together as well after the two pistols found on the depression outlaws bodies sold at an auction for $504,000.

Bobby Livingston, vice president of the auction in Nashua, New Hampshire, was delighted to see the high bidder buy both weapons:

"I think that the fact the guns are staying together is profound."

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow garnered national attention after a string of murders and bank robberies across the US in the 1930s, before they were eventually gunned down in an ambush by Louisiana law officers in 1934.

The nephew of Clyde, Buddy Barrow, said he couldn't believe the pistols would prove so popular:

"I am amazed because you know I never dreamed that this stuff would sell, that much interest believe me because when I was growing up this was a taboo subject."

Other items sold at the auction included one of Bonnie Parker's silk stockings and a gold watch found on Barrow's body.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner