The life of a bookmaker is not always easy street and in fact, it can be downright difficult career path. It can also be an extremely rewarding career as well as highly lucrative. There is no arguing that the money will come rolling in if you work this business correctly, however, staying out of the pitfalls and finding the right tools are necessary to your success.

The pay per head industry has come along in the last several years and put in motion a revolutionizing plan that has changed the way bookies do business, it has turned the entire gaming industry on its ear. There is a simple reason for this; they were the first ones to think of such software and it worked, not only does it work, it does the bookie's entire job. No matter who you are, where you are, how many players you may have or lack thereof, you must have a bookie management plan and the only plane that's feasible whatsoever is what the pay per head providers have invented and are now retailing as bookie software. It's easy, affordable and you can be up and operational in less than a day or two.

Number One On the Important Meter – An Online Presence

• Bookie software has been around for more than 20-years and it is every bit as innovative today, as it was then. What revolutionized the gaming industry was the idea of taking the gambling online. The internet was a game-changer and the PPH providers knew this. They hired the right programmers to come up with a perfect solution and the rest is history.

• Online gambling has doubled in size of the past 5-years alone. The popularity has grown by leaps and bounds for many reasons, but the main reason is privacy. The bettors can go online on their own time and game when they chose, and they can bet as much as they wish.

• The sports gambler is a different breed of a gambler, they are not as poker players – patient! Sports gamblers tend to be impatient and when they get bored, they want something else to gamble on. If you are offering a casino and racebook then you are most likely going to keep your client "in-house" when they get bored.

• Not only do players get bored but they want to bet at their convenience, not yours. The client gives you a lot of money and you need them, keep them by offering an online sportsbook, casino, and racebook.

• The online move will keep you competitive with your clients. You can't possibly keep your clients exclusively faithful to your bookie site, it's not going to happen so you might as well get used to it. This is a fact of life with bettors. What will keep them close to faithful is a 24/7 availability, you must be open at all of times.

• Your online presence will scare nobody, and you are certainly not going to compete with the "mega books" of the online bookie world. More than a few of them have hundreds of thousands of players and even in the millions! You are never going to compete with this, and it should never be your goal to do so.

• What you must focus on are your existing clients and their overall satisfaction. The online part of this is a start. Now that you are online you can finally be all things to all people, all of the time.

Benefits of Bookie Software—

• The benefits are unending and if we were to do the bookie software justice, we would write a book on this subject alone. Take a look at the following list and ask yourself this... Am I seeing these benefits without the use of bookie software?

• An online presence. Remember, we called it the "number one on the importance meter" just 8-short paragraphs above! We won't go into more detail but just a reminder to say don't forget why you would consider software for bookies.

• The PPH providers have combined the online sportsbook, the casino, and racebook into one all-encompassing, blue-chip management system that performs the daily task of a bookie. All you do is fire up the computer or mobile device and click the mouse. There is no programming, no special computer skills needed. You do not need to be a technical or marketing guru. All you need is the desire to quit working so hard and start seeing the benefits of your labor because now you have time to recruit players.

• Bookie software sets all of the day's event and organized them on your website just as if it was one of those mega-sites we talked about. Your players will have the benefits of a professionally built website and you are the owner. The lines and odds are set by the PPH; however, you are in full control at all times and you may change numbers at will.

Find a fantastic PPH provider and start using their bookie software today. For around $7 per head, you can start earning a six-figure income. Ask for a 4-week free trial and start experiencing what bookies swear by a revolutionary product.