A boiler is probably one of the most vital devices in our homes. They keep us warm in the winter months and provide us with hot showers all year round.

As the boiler is so important and vital to our homes and lives, it is important to look after it as best you can. This means carrying out regular checks and attending to any maintenance problems as quickly as possible. So, why should you check your boiler regularly?

Prevent breakdown

The boiler is central to the heating of our home, so if it breaks down it can really spell disaster - especially in the winter months.

So checking the boiler every now and again is important. It doesn't have to be often - a few times a year is usually enough. Remember to check the boiler after summer, when you are about to start using it more regularly. As usage is reduced in summer, you might not notice any problems and could subsequently end up with a nasty surprise come autumn.

In many situations, you'll be able to see if there's a problem before something major happens. This could be anything from the radiators being colder than they should to an unusual increase in energy usage and bills.

It is also worth noting that older boilers are likely to encounter more problems and breakdowns. So, if your boiler is older than 10 years, check it more regularly.

Purchasing a new boiler

Boiler repairs can be expensive and the bills can really add up if you have an older model that is susceptible to breakdown.

If your boiler is getting old, investing in a new model could prove more cost effective in the long run. Not only will it break down less, but newer boilers offer far greater energy efficiency than old models.

The first thing to look for in a new boiler is its energy efficiency rating. According to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing an old boiler with an A-rated high efficiency condensing boiler can save as much as £300 a year.

Condensing boilers are best for energy consumption as they have bigger heat exchangers, meaning more heat is recovered.

When it comes to choosing a new boiler, you'll need to think about what type of boiler is best for your home. If you have a mains gas supply then a gas boiler will offer the cheapest heating system while a combi boiler can offer better overall efficiency. You could also look to insure your boiler with British Gas for added protection.