A Dubai court has jailed a British businesswoman and Irish man for three months for having drunken sex in the back of a taxi.

29 year old Rebecca Blake and 28 year old Conor McRedmond were arrested when the Pakistani driver of the cab pulled over and alerted the police of the couple's activities. The pair were convicted even though DNA tests on the taxi's interior found no evidence of intercourse.

The defendants' lawyer Shaker-Al-Shammary discussed the outcome.

"Following today's judgement against the defendants, they were sentenced to three months in jail and deportation in respect of the first and second charges, and were fined 3,000 dirhams ($817) each, in respect of the third charge."

He added, "This is very unjust, I believe the judgement was made very hastily and that it is invalid and contrary to law and the rules of evidence".

After serving their sentence the couple will be deported.

The court case is the latest clash between the decency laws of the UAE's native Muslim population and the exploits of the country's massive expatriate community, which makes up 90 per cent of the population.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner