The Premier League has sold the domestic broadcast rights for 2013-16 for £3.02bn to BSkyB and BT - an increase of £1.25bn on the current deal.

Sky has bought five of the seven available packages for 2013/14 to 2015/16, totalling 116 matches per year, while BT has ejected ESPN to acquire 32 matches.

BT's package includes 18 of the 38 first-choice picks, which means some of the most high-profile games will be theirs.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore said the exciting climax to the season had contributed to the increase.

He said: "We have just come off the back of a fantastic season and it has been good for us. We went to the market at the right time. It was a very competitive process which if you are selling is a very good thing."

In a statement on the Premier League website, Scudamore, said: "The Barclays Premier League continues to provide excellent football and enthralling drama as we saw last season. The value this drives for our rights holders is evident and we are extremely pleased that this has been realised for our UK live rights.

"As ever, the security provided by broadcast revenues will enable our clubs to continue to invest in all aspects of their football activities and plan sustainably for the foreseeable future. This deal allows them to keep delivering what fans want; top quality football in some of world's best club stadia and an increasing focus on and commitment to areas such as Youth Development.

"The continuing support of BSkyB for Premier League football is significant beyond the revenues delivered; the longevity and quality of their commitment has done much for the English game as a whole. We are very happy to see this relationship maintained for another three seasons.

"We welcome BT as a new Premier League broadcast partner. They are a substantial British company that is at the leading edge of technology and infra-structure development. They are clearly investing in quality content to use on their platforms and when combined with the reach and pull of Premier League football they will deliver new ways in which fans will be able to follow the competition.

"These are exciting times for both the football and media worlds and we should all be proud of the value both industries contribute to the UK culturally and economically."