Budget Day is looming. The cornerstone of Chancellor, George Osborne's economic policy - Britain's triple A credit rating - has been eroded. We're now AA1 status.

The pressure on him from all sides to abandon his Deficit Reduction Programme, the so-called Plan A, has reached maximum levels.

Even the IMF's Chief Economist, Olivier Blanchard, said Osborne needs to "take stock and make adjustments" to the current plan of aggressive spending cuts.

So what are economists, analysts and businesses saying about the job the Chancellor's done so far… and what do they think he should be saying in the Commons on Budget Day?

Written, produced and presented by Marverine Cole. Production manager and news researcher: Alfred Joyner. Filmed by Sho Murakoshi and Torfinnur Jákupsson. Edit, sound design and grading by Torfinnur Jákupsson.