After being pursued by clubs including AC Milan, Inter Milan and Paris Saint Germain in the January transfer window, Argentina striker Carlos Tevez has confirmed that he wishes to continue playing for Manchester City in spite of his differences with City manager Roberto Mancini.

The-28-year-old has been on unauthorised leave since September following his refusal to play in the UEFA Champions League match against Bayern Munich, for which he was fined £1 million.

However, now the star footballer wants to make a comeback and win the support of his fans by helping his club win.

"Yes, it's a decision I have taken to win back the supporters since what happened against Bayern. I believe they were misinformed. They weren't told the facts, so that when they were told that I didn't want to play, they naturally turned against me," Argentine TV quoted Tevez as saying in an interview.

"If a player doesn't want to play for the club that pays their wages it's only natural for them to turn against that player. I couldn't understand what was going on. I swore, like any player would. I gave everything to that club and when I saw them burning my shirt, or hurling insults at me, it really hurt. I gave everything to that club and what I love above all is to play football," he added.

Tevez, on Monday, also accused Roberto Mancini of swearing at him and "treating him like a dog," after he refused to play in match against Bayern Munich.

Now the Argentina striker wants to put everything behind him, also ready to apologise, so he can start playing for Manchester City once again.

"In two weeks I play, I think. I do not think I was wrong, but if they (the club) think so I apologise. I am ready to return, to win and do the best for the club's shirt," Fox Sports quoted him as saying in Argentina.

"Hopefully I can help City to be champions again. The most important thing for me is to return to get fit. I always said that at 28 I would retire. Today I say: 'No, I have much more to give'," he added.