A video of a cattle truck tipping over and sending a herd of cows spilling out onto a busy road in the Krasnodar region of Russia has become a viral sensation on YouTube.

The 22 second video, posted by Claudio Paskuale, had already been viewed on the video-sharing site over 480,000 times.

Filmed by another driver from his dashboard, the open-top truck driving in the opposite direction collides with another car further ahead, causing it to career out of control before flipping over and unleashing a torrent of cows in the cameraman's direction. He slams the brakes before any cows hit, before reversing away from the pandemonium.

Remarkably the livestock appear uninjured, getting back onto their feet and walking off near the wrecked vehicle. The driver of the truck is also reported to have survived the crash.

Written by Alfred Joyner