A post-mortem examination on a London grandmother - who was mauled to death by five dogs - should today ascertain exactly what caused her death. Paramedics pronounced Gloria Knowles dead in the back garden of her daughter's home last night.

It's thought the 71-year-old had just popped next door to the feed the beloved dogs her daughter owned: the two French Mastiffs (also known as Bordeaux Bulldogs), two American bulldogs and a small mongrel pictured here from a family Facebook page. Neighbours reported hearing screams but believed it was just boisterous kids playing.

Police found Mrs Knowles at around 6.25pm at the address in Morden and took all the animals away. It's not known yet when or if the dogs might be put down. Scotland Yard said none of the seized dogs are banned breeds and that no arrests have been made. Mrs Knowles may well have died from a heart attack but today's post-mortem examination will reveal how she died and at what time.