The Confederation for British Industry is battling to convince British businesses and the wider public that it is vital that the United Kingdom remains within the European Union.

CBI has launched a report called Our Global Future: The Business Vision for a Reformed EU.

Speaking to IBTimes UK on camera, Katja Hall, chief policy director of the CBI, explained some of the reform ideas at the heart of a heavyweight report that CBI has put out which lays out how a reformed relationship between Britain the European Union could materialise.

"I think among British businesses there is a bit of annoyance at this sense of growing mission creep in the European Commission and the European parliament. So what we want to see is a better balance between what Europe does and what member states do. And we suggest in the report that there should be a moratorium on any employment legislation until that balance has been enforced," said Hall.

According to CBI, they are the UK's leading business organisation and speak for some 240,000 businesses that together employ around a third of the private sector workforce. They have representation in Brussels, Washington, Beijing and Delhi.