A Chinese social media influencer has been slapped with a fine of 125,000 CNY (£15,065) for eating a great white shark.

The influencer, who is known by her online name, Tizi, posted a video of herself preparing and eating the shark last July. The authorities launched an investigation into the matter after the video went viral on Chinese social media platforms. The video had also attracted severe backlash from other social media users.

In the video, Tizi claimed that the fish was a hook-tooth shark, but a probe later revealed that it was a great white shark. The Nanchong Police launched a probe to find out how she managed to procure the fish.

The woman could be seen feasting on the massive creature. She even posed next to the 2-metre-long fish to show it was taller than her.

The shark was then cut in half, marinated, and barbecued, and its head was cooked in a broth. "It may look vicious, but its meat is truly very tender," Tizi said while tearing off chunks of shark meat in the video.

She claimed that the shark was "edible" and "bred in captivity" and that she had bought it from a market in Nanchong, Sichuan.

Great white sharks are listed as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. They are just one step away from being classified as endangered, per The Independent.

In China, they are listed as protected, and their illegal possession can lead to a prison term of between five and 10 years. But Tizi managed to get away with only a fine. Meanwhile, the police have arrested two others involved in catching and selling the shark.

The social media platform has removed all videos posted by Tizi, including the one wherein she could be seen eating the shark. But the video has somehow resurfaced on YouTube.

great white shark
Great white sharks are one of the most feared creatures. Kathryn Curzon