The bodies of two journalists have been found dismembered and wrapped up in plastic bags in Mexico, just as the world was celebrating World Press Freedom Day

The grim discovery of Guillermo Luna and Gabriel Huge's bodies made in the canal in the town of Boca del Rio in the notorious drug state of Veracruz yesterday. And not just that, but two other corpses – which haven't been identified yet – were also dumped there too. Emergency services took the bodies for forensic examination.

It's a sad indictment of the violent situation in Mexico. It's one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists – more than 70 have been killed over the last ten years. Mexico is battling with brutal drugs gangs who are fighting over multi-billion dollar trafficking routes in America.

Guillermo Luna worked for the agency Veracruznews, Gabriel Huge for the newspaper Notiver. Colleagues apparently said Huge'd been out of town lately because he'd received death threats from gangs. The grisly murders also come just five days after another journalist, Regina Martinez - who worked for one of the country's most popular magazines - was found dead in her own home. She'd been beaten and suffocated.

The government said the killings had the hallmarks of 'organised crime' and the case has now been handed over to federal investigators.