When Cleveland superstar Lebron James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers two seasons ago as a free agent, it gave rise to the speculations that the Cleveland Cavaliers management is looking to build an entirely new team. When they renewed Kevin Love's contract to play for them for an additional four years for $240 million. Fans believed that Cleveland is looking to build it around the five-time all-star center-forward. Apparently, that's not the case. Love has confirmed news from his agent that Cleveland is negotiating with other teams for a potential trade.

According to CBS sports, Love is happy with Cleveland. He believes they have a good team, but he understands that it's also a business. The Cavaliers are currently at 5-16 (win-loss), and at only 13th place in the Eastern Conference. A quarter of the regular season has gone by, and it doesn't look like there's much more to look forward to in the season.

In fairness to the 31-year old Love, Cleveland is only looking to trade him to a championship contender for young blood and draft picks. It is also beneficial for his career to be part of a championship team by the time his current contract ends. Even if he doesn't get his second ring, exposure during the playoffs this season and in the next few years puts him in a stronger position to negotiate as a 34-year-old veteran.

On the other hand, if he stays in Cleveland in the next few years, then the chances of getting a playoff spot are low. An early vacation like that will not do his 30-plus body any good. There are also fewer chances for him to strut his stuff. Cleveland is looking 5-10 years into the future by trading the All-star for young blood. It gives the Cavaliers higher chances of bagging potential superstars in the upcoming drafts, and it gives Kevin Love a chance to keep playing basketball while still in his prime.

This season Love is averaging 16.7 points, and 10.7 rebounds a game. The points are from a decent 44% shooting average in the field and 88% on the free throw line. A lot of teams can benefit from that.

Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron James and Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers celebrate after defeating the Golden State Warriors 93-89 Ezra Shaw/Getty Images