Amanda Berry visited her sister's home in Cleveland on Wednesday (May 8) for the first time since she disappeared a decade ago and was held captive in a house.

Berry, who has a six-year-old daughter born during captivity, was one of three women freed on Monday night from a house in a working class neighbourhood of Cleveland.

Police said they found chains and ropes used to tie up the victims but no human remains at the house where they were held.

Cleveland resident Ariel Castro was charged on Wednesday (May 8) with raping and kidnapping three women who were rescued from his house on Monday after nearly a decade in captivity.

Investigators took some 200 pieces of evidence from the Castro house, which Tomba said was "in quite a bit of disarray."

Castro's two brothers Pedro and Onil, originally arrested in the case, were not charged, officials said.

Born in Puerto Rico, Ariel Castro played bass in Latin music bands in the area. Records show he was divorced more than a decade ago and his ex-wife had since died. He is known to have at least one adult daughter and son.

Euphoria over the rescue has given way to questions of how their imprisonment in a house on a residential street went undetected for so long.

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