Lawyers representing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to appear in a court in Paris today to face the editor of Closer, the French magazine, which published topless photos of Catherine. They'll be arguing a criminal case for the breach of the Royals' privacy and they will be seeking a ban on the sale of the magazine, which has sparked worldwide controversy, ever since the Italian version of Closer first bought the pictures and the French one followed suit.

Laurence Pieau, Editor-in-Chief, argued that the lack of security - which allowed the photos to be taken in the first place - is the bigger issue, rather than an invasion of privacy. As for legal action against the publication, she said: 'We'll see what happens', adding that she didn't publish the most degrading pictures, only those which showed 'a wonderful couple in love'.

"We decided to publish these pictures in the French Closer because we thought these pictures are not shocking. For us, these pictures are the picture of a wonderful couple which is in love and nothing else."

News of the photos dominated the British weekend headlines with many people astonished that any publication would want to profit from such tasteless photos. The editors' actions have echoes of the constant and over the top media intrusion that Prince William's mother, Diana, faced. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have already said they are 'very angered' in that regard.

Meanwhile there's more fallout on this side of the Channel regarding the controversial pictures. The co-owner of The Irish Daily Star, Richard Desmond (who also owns The Express and the Daily Star newspapers in England), is said to be 'furious' and will cut ties with the title and is taking steps to have it shut down.

The Duke and Duchess meanwhile are still enjoying their 9-day long public Diamond Jubilee engagement in South East Asia, which is coming to an end. They gave away nothing of their feelings of anger or frustration over the current situation. In fact they seemed on top form exploring the humid jungle as they toured the Danum Valley Conservation area in Borneo.

Written and presented by Marverine Cole.