Preparations are well underway for the potential release of 10 hostages being held by the main Columbian rebel group, FARC.

Helicopters from the Brazilian airforce have arrived in the country to airlift the soldiers and police officers, some of whom have been held captive for fourteen years.

Like Louis Alfonso Beltran who was captured in 1998. His cousin, Andres, is waiting for news alongside the relatives of other hostages at La Vanguardia airport. He said 'I can barely wait another day for the freedom of my cousin...with faith in God it will all turn out well'

The release has been brokered by a former Columbian senator, Piedad Cordoba who is awaiting the co-ordinates of the hostages jungle whereabouts from the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

It's still not clear if FARC will turn over all the hostages at once today, or if they'll do it in stages between now and Wednesday. The group have proposed peace talks after renouncing kidnap as a way of making money.