When Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Saudi Arabia Pro League side Al-Nassr, it was understood that he will be relocating along with his partner, Georgina Rodriguez and their brood of children. However, living in Saudi Arabia poses certain challenges for the family, and one could lead to some fines for the Spanish beauty.

Rodriguez has made a name for herself as a social media personality and has been raking in the cash via endorsement deals and modelling gigs. She often flaunts her curves both in person, on social media and professional photo shoots. As such, questions have been raised about how she will deal with the strict dress code in Saudi Arabia.

Modesty is a an integral part of Islamic tradition and women in Muslim countries are expected to dress conservatively. The actual rules vary per country, but the Saudi Tourism website says "It is recommended that, in public, you wear loose-fitting clothes that cover up to the elbow and below the ankle."

Since moving to Saudi Arabia, Georgina has in fact been seen wearing a traditional abaya, a long, loose-fitting garment that also comes with a head covering. At the same time, she has also flaunted her curves in tight-fitting outfits that show off her legs and cleavage.

It is unclear if authorities will make an exception for Rodriguez. For regular visitors, a fine of 100 riyals (25 euros) must be paid for breaking the state's public decency laws. For the second offence, the fine jumps up to 200 riyals (50 euros) according to Marca.

These fines are nothing but chump change for Ronaldo and his partner, but it remains to be seen if the authorities hold them accountable. They are already flouting the rules by living together as an unmarried couple, which is otherwise illegal in Saudi Arabia.

Locals are expected to abide by the law on co-habitation, but police have started to turn a blind eye on expatriates in recent years. However, there is always a risk of being persecuted as no legal exemption is actually in place.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo has signed for Saudi Arabian side Al Nassr Al Nassr Football Club via AFP