'Bye Bye, Becks; Hello Giggsy, Bellamy & Richards!' David Beckham's not been selected for Britain's footy team at the London 2012 Olympics. So now - as he'd dearly hoped - he won't be playing football for his country in the East of London where he was born and brought up. Harsh? We think so.

A big fat snub for world famous Beckham, really isn't it? The LA Galaxy midfielder said this afternoon he's 'very disappointed' but very graciously went on to say that 'there will be no bigger supporter of the team than me. Everyone knows how much playing for my country has always meant to me, so I would have been honoured to have been part of this unique Team GB squad.'

Goodness knows why Stuart Pearce has left Becks out. One of the England's greatest footballers – the most capped outfield player with 115 appearances. And remember how instrumental he was in help us win the Olympic 2012 bid? Not forgetting his help in kicking off the build-up when he brought The Flame back from Greece?

Welshmen Ryan Giggs and Craig Bellamy, and Man City's Micah Richards are all in the warm huddle of over-23's in the 18-man Team GB squad. So for now, it seems that what could have been the last chance for Becks to play for his country (before possibly retiring) is well and truly out of reach.