The Prime Minister begins his three day tour of the Middle East today, and has promised to talk about human rights issues with the gulf states. David Cameron is looking to sell 60 Typhoon jets to the UAE and Saudi Arabia, despite allegations of human rights abuses in both countries.

In what might prove a difficult balancing act for the PM, Mr Cameron stressed upon arriving in Dubai that there are 'no no-go areas' in the relationship between the UK and the gulf states. Any discussions with the UAE and Saudi Arabia over human rights issues will need to be treated delicately, as the PM will not want to jeopardise improving military ties in the Middle East that are seen as crucial amid fears over Iran's nuclear ambitions.

The Human Rights Watch group has said that serious steps are needed to improve human rights issues in the area, including giving women more freedoms, as well as granting more rights to prisoners and foreign workers.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner