Egypt has woken up to a new, democratically elected President this morning as Mohammed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood was declared the narrow winner against Ahmed Shafik, of the military establishment which has ruled Egypt for 60 years.

In Tahrir Square after a night of celebrations, bunting and debris is everywhere. And some revellers can be seen having a post party snooze.

While the jubilant Mursi supporters, are waving Egyptian flags and chanting their support at his election.

Essam Nassar speaking at Tahrir Square said demonstrators would not leave until parliament is reinstated and the supplementary constitutional decree cancelled. Speaking in Arabic, here he explained the procedure to ensure Mursi has real powers.

"The parliament that was voted for by 30 million civilians used to pass laws that were then kept in drawers and weren't implemented. The reason for this is that the military council had to agree to these laws. Now, Morsy will come handcuffed without any real powers so the people could revolt against him and he'll only last for a few months. The reason for this is that all the laws are in the hands of the military council, because after the dissolution of parliament, they have legislative authority once more."

Brotherhood sources stated they hoped the army might allow a partial recall of parliament and other concessions in return for Mursi exercising his powers to name a government and presidential administration in ways the army approves of. It is believed Mr Mursi could be sworn in on 30 June

While Military officials, have confirmed discussions have taken place in the past few days, but had no immediate comment on the latest talks.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter