Flooding in St Asaph Denbeighshire in North Wales has killed an elderly woman who was found dead during a search, in a flooded home in Tair Felin as part of a 500 home evacuation according to the BBC. The village has seen some of the worst flooding in the UK with water entering about 100 homes as some 500 homes were evacuated. As water levels rose over 14ft, after the River Elwy broke its banks.

Other villagers in St Asaph have been rescued by lifeboats and fire crews after becoming trapped in their homes and a pregnant woman was brought out the window of her property by British Red Cross volunteers. An emergency centre has been set up at a leisure centre in St Asaph for people evacuated from their homes.

Other areas of north Wales are also affected as residents have also been evacuated from their homes in Ruthin, 15 miles away, where Denbighshire County Council says up to 400 properties are potentially at risk.

While in other parts of the country, in Sandhurst, a Gloucestershire fire service boat crew has rescued a family of four from their home which was surrounded by flood water from the River Severn. The River Ouse in York and areas of Oxford and Dorset are also being monitored. And floodgates have gone up in Upton, in Worcestershire and Nottingham which may be used put into action for the first time. The Environment Agency data have said that 960 homes have suffered flooding since last Wednesday and that 191 flood warnings in force.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter