The World Gravy Wrestling Championships were the main course at The Rose 'n' Bowl pub in Lancashire on Monday (August 26).

It was a day after the traditional English Sunday roast is served, but there was, of course, plenty of gravy on tap for the 7th annual championships.

Twelve thousand litres of traditional Lancashire gravy - made from a mixture of meat juices, chopped up vegetables and corn flour - was supplied for the event.

In front of around one thousand spectators, the bouts were contested by two competitors who must use flair, humour and strength to come out on top.

"We have two minute rounds, there's points for entertainment, points for fancy dress and points for fighting," explained tournament referee Ken Claxon.

The knockout tournament reached its conclusion with local mother Lisa Stewart victorious in the women's draw, while debutant Michael Jarrett took out the men's.

"The gravy is warm, heavy and tastes like sausages," Jarrett said before offering controversial views on the future of sport.

"I think all sports should be done in gravy. Everything - boxing, football - would be more entertaining done in gravy."

Both champions plan to return next year to defend their titles.

Presented by Adam Justice