A punch-up in a House of Commons bar that led to the suspension and arrest of Labour MP Eric Joyce has been described as like something out of the Wild West.

Joyce, MP for Falkirk, was led in handcuffs from the Strangers' Bar in Westminster after a brawl in which he is alleged to have hit at least four MPs.

A window was smashed as Joyce, 51, was restrained by Commons security officers in front of shocked onlookers, including a delegation of visitors from the Canadian parliament.

"There was blood spilled - it was like the Wild West in there", one MP told the London Evening Standard.

Witnesses claimed that Joyce appeared to have been drinking heavily, loudly complaining that there were "too many f*****g Tories in here" before lashing out when fellow MPs tried to calm him.

Stewart Andrew, Conservative MP for Pudsey, is believed to have fared the worst in the encounter. He was allegedly headbutted twice but tweeted: "Thank you I am ok."

Other MPs believed to have been caught up in the melee include Conservatives Alec Shelbrooke, MP for Elmer and Rothwell, and Labour whip Phil Wilson.

Scotland Yard confirmed that a man in his fifties was arrested on suspicion of assault and remains in custody. Labour later announced that Joyce had been suspended until the investigation is completed.

Joyce , who tweeted on 20 February, "Who is the hardest boxing correspondent in the country? There's only one way to find out", has been an MP since 2000 and served in the Army Education Corps before starting a political career.