England has got off to an excellent start to their Euro qualifying game against Wales.

England began well, dominating possession, although Wales put in some aggressive challenges to attackers.

The first chance came when Wayne Rooney sent an excellent pass to Glen Johnson, who completely failed to make anything out of it. Wales took the opportunity to break but could also make nothing of their chance.

England got a much clearer shot when James Collins put in an awkward tackle against Ashley Cole in the Welsh penalty area. A penalty was duly awarded and Lampard slammed it into the back of the net. England 1 - Wales 0.

The goal gave greater confidence to England, who continued to dominate proceedings, holding onto possession and denying the Welsh.

England took advantage of their dominance with Darren Bent getting on the end of a cross and making it 2-0 for England.

Shortly after Rooney attempted to make it free, but shot a cross from Ashley Young wide. Young attempted to tee up the striker again but Rooney failed even to connect the second time. The third attempt was much better but still failed to find the goal.

Wales finally managed to launch a minor strikeback however, but it all came to nothing when Aaron Ramsey gave possession away to Glen Johnson.

With less than ten minutes to go Rooney managed to pick up a yellow card after knocking over Joe Ledley.

Ashley Young, after giving everyone else a chance to score decided to have a go himself, but only succeeded in sending the ball over the bar. Young resumed his crossing and passing into the Welsh box, only to be cleared by James Collins.

With minutes to go in the first half Andy King attempted to get one back for Wales, only to send the ball to England keeper Joe Hart.